[ coast vibes ]
When I set  out on a day trip to the coast with my best friend Katie and now ex (lol). I knew I wanted to capture the calm, relaxed feeling that engulfs me whenever I see the ocean. 
As much as I love going wild and playing around with all sorts of effects and techniques in my edits, for this one I kept the edit simple (like really simple) with basic cuts.  I didn't want to over edit and distract from the footage itself, and the simplicity fit more with the feeling I was trying to capture anyways.  I spent a lot of time on the color grade, which ended up being kind of a muted teal/orange scheme.  Over all I really liked how this project turned out.  
Biggest critique for myself on this one would be that a couple of the shots turned out pretty warp-y from the warp stabilizer in After Effects.  I didn't take as many shots at the beach as I should have so I had to kind of make do with what I had when I stared editing.  

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